Washington, D.C.

                          Three year period ending 2000

                      FORM U-12(I)-B (THREE-YEAR STATEMENT)

                         (SUPPLEMENTARY STATEMENT ONLY)

  Statement Pursuant to Section 12(i) of Public Utility Holding Company Act of
     1935 by a Person Regularly Employed or Retained by a Registered Holding
        Company or a Subsidiary Thereof and Whose Employment Contemplates
                Only Routine Expenses as Specified in Rule 71(b)

       1. Name and business address of person filing statement.

               F. Scott Smith, 1155 Perimeter Center West, Atlanta, GA 30338

       2.  Names  and  business  addresses  of  any  persons  through  whom  the
undersigned proposes to act in matters included within the exemption provided by
paragraph (b) of Rule U-71.


       3. Registered holding companies and subsidiary companies by which
the undersigned is regularly employed or retained.

               Southern Company, Southern Energy, Inc.(dba Mirant Corporation)
                 and its subsidiaries.

       4.  Position  or  relationship  in which the  undersigned  is employed or
retained  by each of the  companies  named in item 3, and brief  description  of
nature of services to be rendered in each such position or relationship.

               Management at Mirant Corporation

       5. (a)  Compensation  received  during  the prior  reporting  period  and
estimated to be received over the next two calendar years by the  undersigned or
others, directly or indirectly,  for services rendered by the undersigned,  from
each of the  companies  designated  in item 3. (Use column (a) as  supplementary
statement only.)
             Salary or other
Name of    received      to be         Person or company from whom received
recipient               received         or to be received
            (a)            (b)
F. Scott   $573,299       N/A            Mirant Services, LLC

       (b)    Basis for compensation if other than salary. N/A

      6. (To be answered in supplementary  statement only.) Expenses incurred by
the  undersigned or any person named in item 2, above,  during the calendar year
in connection with the activities  described in item 4, above, and the source or
sources of reimbursement for same.

       (a) Total amount of routine expenses charged to client:  None

       (b) Itemized list of all other expenses:  N/A

Date     January 29, 2001                   (Signed) /S/ F. Scott Smith