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                               David P. Stokes
                     Vice President - Legal and Secretary
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                         THIRD QUARTER FINANCIAL RESULTS

Third Quarter Highlights:

     o    Revenues and pro forma diluted EPS for the quarter in line with
          revised company guidance.

     o    Operating cash flow of $15 million, cash balance increased to $28

     o    Seven new Consumer e-Payment customers added during the quarter.

     o    Operational restructuring plan and cost reduction initiatives
          substantially completed during the quarter.

     o    Forecasting $72 to 75 million in revenue for the fourth quarter
          fiscal 2001, and pro forma diluted EPS of $.03 to .08 per share.

(OMAHA, Neb. -- July 31, 2001) Transaction Systems Architects, Inc. (Nasdaq:
TSAI), a leading global provider of enterprise e-payments and e-commerce
software, announced today that revenue for the third quarter of fiscal 2001 was
$73.7 million, in line with revised company guidance of $72 to $74 million. Pro
forma earnings per diluted share were $.04, at the high end of the company's
revised earnings guidance range. Operating cash flow was $15 million, the best
cash flow results since the quarter ending September, 1999.

"This was clearly a transition quarter for the company," said Larry Fendley,
interim CEO. "We experienced softness around the world for our
enterprise-level e-payments software, consistent with the views expressed by
others in the technology sector; consequently our revenue was down seven
percent over the year-earlier quarter. We made significant changes in senior
management, and announced a major corporate restructuring of the company. We
remain confident in the company's market leadership position, but felt that
these moves were important if we expect to continue to enjoy that position."

"We will have reduced our cost structure significantly by the end of this
fiscal year, and protected our strategic R&D initiatives," added Fendley.
"With our costs under better control, we believe that we are in a much better
position to win market share and grow once the overall technology spending
environment improves. Market feedback has been positive for several of our
strategic initiatives, including our PRISM fraud and money laundering
detection product, our new secure document delivery technology and our
advanced e-payment authorization platform. We expect to benefit from those
investments in the quarters ahead."

"We generated over $15 million in operating cash flow, our best cash
performance in two fiscal years, and our cash balance is now $28 million"
said Dwight Hanson, CFO. "Current billed receivables are down 19 percent
compared to the third quarter of fiscal 2000, and down 20 percent
sequentially from the second quarter of fiscal 2001. In addition, we had
favorable improvement in our DSO and DBO levels, with our DBO levels at their
lowest point in over two years, and well below our goal of 60 days. We began
to see some benefit from our restructuring efforts in Q3, with pro-forma
expenses down 2 percent year-over-year. This should improve more in Q4 and
into next year."

Pro forma results are computed by excluding acquisition-related charges
(amortization of goodwill and software) and non-recurring items. The pro
forma results of operations are computed using an effective tax rate of 39
percent. Pro forma results for the quarter exclude $6.7 million of software
and goodwill amortization from the acquisitions of SDM International, Inc.,
Insession Inc., Hospital Health Plan Corporation, WorkPoint Systems, Inc. and
MessagingDirect, Ltd., and one-time non-recurring charges of $22 million for
the previously announced corporate restructuring.

The Company completed the third quarter of fiscal 2001 with $186 million in
backlog, consisting of $49 million in non-recurring backlog and $137 million in
recurring backlog. This compares to the backlog of $187 million at the end of
the second quarter of fiscal 2001. Non-recurring backlog is composed of fees
specified in software and services contracts that the company expects to
recognize in the next 12 months. Recurring backlog includes all monthly license
fees, maintenance fees and facilities management fees that the company expects
to recognize over the next 12 months. "While our backlog was flat, our
recurring backlog was up $3 million sequentially," said Hanson. "This is an
indication of our strong customer retention rate."

The Company also announced that it expects to commence an offer to its
eligible employees and directors to tender their outstanding options granted
under three of the company's stock plans in a voluntary stock option exchange
program. "Our employees and directors comprise the most important asset of our
company," said Fendley. "They enable us to serve our customers and achieve our
long-term goals, which enhances shareholder value. The offer is essential so we
may continue to attract, retain and reward our employees and directors." The
company expects to commence the offer during the fourth quarter of fiscal 2001.

Following commencement of the offer, the Company will send to eligible
employees and directors a copy of the written "Offer to Exchange." They will be
urged to read the Offer to Exchange when it becomes available, because it will
contain important information. Eligible employees and directors will be able to
obtain a free copy of the Schedule Tender Offer ("TO") which, when filed with
the SEC, will contain the Offer to Exchange and other important information, as
well as other filings containing information about us, at the SEC's Web site
( Following commencement of the offer, eligible employees
and directors will also be able to obtain, without charge, copies of the
Schedule TO and the Company's SEC filings incorporated by reference in the
Offer to Exchange directly from the Company.

Looking forward to the next quarter, TSA is expecting $72 to 75 million in
revenue, with pro forma diluted EPS of $.03 to $.08. "While we remain confident
regarding our leadership position in our core markets, we remain cautious with
our near term projections," said Hanson. "We have improved our cash position and
reduced our expense rate, which positions us to weather continued softness in
the market should that occur."

"We continue to win market share, adding seven new consumer e-payment customers
in the quarter," said Fendley. "Included were our first three customers for our
new secure document and delivery products, and a new top-100 U.S. retailer. We
win the majority of competitive situations in our core markets and continue to
see good transaction volume growth in areas like

debit, e-commerce and mobile commerce. We have a solid pipeline of
significant e-payment deals building, both in the consumer e-payment and
corporate e-payment markets, and we expect to make new product announcements
in the coming quarter regarding new initiatives which should help diversify
that pipeline in terms of geographic regions, solutions areas and hardware

About Transaction Systems Architects, Inc.

Transaction Systems Architects' software facilitates electronic payments by
providing consumers and companies access to their money. Its products are used
to process transactions involving credit cards, debit cards, secure electronic
commerce, mobile commerce, smart cards, secure electronic document delivery and
payment, checks, high-value money transfers, bulk payment clearing and
settlement, and enterprise e-infrastructure. Transaction Systems Architects'
solutions are used on more than 3,700 product systems in 79 countries on six

TSA will hold a teleconference at 5:00 p.m. EST, July 31, 2001, to discuss
third-quarter financial results. TSA will open the conference call to the
general public by broadcasting the call live over the Internet. Interested
persons may access a real-time audio broadcast of the teleconference at:

To access the web cast, enter the conference name (Transaction Systems
Architects, Inc.), viewer pass code (1409654) and the date (07/31/2001) along
with your registration information. The web cast will be archived for seven
days after the teleconference at the same web address listed above.

The statements in this report regarding projected results are preliminary and
"forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities
Litigation Reform Act of 1995. In addition, this report contains other
forward-looking statements including statements regarding the Company's or third
parties' expectations, predictions, views, opportunities, plans, strategies,
beliefs, and statements of similar effect. The forward-looking statements in
this report are subject to a variety of risks and uncertainties. Actual results
could differ materially. Factors that could cause actual results to differ
include but are not limited to the following:

     The acquisition of MessagingDirect is subject to numerous risks, including
the following: (i) MessagingDirect is in a highly competitive industry, (ii)
MessagingDirect does not have a significant market presence, significant
revenues, or widespread acceptance or prolonged use of its products, (iii)
MessagingDirect has not been profitable, (iv) the electronic statement
presentation and electronic bill presentment and payment markets may not achieve
the predicted growth rates, (v) MessagingDirect's products, personnel, and
operations may be difficult to combine with those of TSA, the products may not
be accepted by TSA's customer base, and there will be significant integration
costs of combining the businesses and (vi) the acquisition will have a dilutive
effect on earnings per share and amortization of intangible assets will have an
adverse effect on earnings.

     TSA is subject to risks of conducting international operations including:
difficulties in staffing and management, reliance on independent distributors,
fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates, compliance with foreign
regulatory requirements, variability of foreign economic conditions, and
changing restrictions imposed by U.S. export laws.

     TSA will continue to derive a substantial majority of its total revenues
from licensing its BASE24 family of software products and providing services and
maintenance related to those products. Any reduction in demand for, or increase
in competition with respect to, BASE24

products would have a material adverse effect on TSA's financial condition and
results of operations.

     TSA's business is concentrated in the banking industry, making it
susceptible to a downturn in that industry.

     Fluctuations in quarterly operating results may result in volatility in
TSA's stock price. No assurance can be given that operating results will not
vary. TSA's stock price may also be volatile, in part due to external factors
such as announcements by third parties or competitors, inherent volatility in
the high-technology sector and changing market conditions in the industry.

In April 2001 TSA announced the resignation of its chief executive officer
and president, the organization of a search committee and the engagement of a
professional executive search firm to solicit and assist in the selection of
a permanent CEO and president. TSA estimates that the search process will
take up to six months to complete. Pending the selection of a permanent CEO,
a member of TSA's board of directors has been appointed to serve as interim
CEO. There can be no assurance that a suitable CEO candidate will be readily
identified, or identified and appointed within the six month period, or, if
identified, that a CEO candidate will be willing or able to accept the terms,
conditions or other arrangements relating to the CEO position, including
relocating, if necessary, to TSA's headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. Further,
there can be no assurance that the transition from former CEO to interim CEO
to permanent CEO will be accomplished in a timeframe or in a manner that will
not have a material adverse effect on TSA's financial condition and results
of operations.

For a detailed discussion of these and other risk factors, interested parties
should review the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission,
including Exhibit 99.01 to the Company's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the
fiscal year ended September 30, 2000.

                          (unaudited and in thousands)

                                                                          June 30,                September 30,
                                                                            2001                      2000
                                                                        ------------             ---------------
   Current assets:
      Cash and cash equivalents                                          $    28,101               $    23,400
      Marketable securities                                                    4,114                     8,106
      Billed receivables, net                                                 48,843                    63,556
      Accrued receivables                                                     46,919                    51,659
      Prepaid income taxes                                                     8,079                     2,710
      Deferred income taxes                                                   21,344                    11,208
      Other                                                                   11,180                    13,134
                                                                        -------------             -------------
          Total current assets                                               168,580                   173,773

   Property and equipment, net                                                15,471                    19,614
   Software, net                                                              31,382                    26,757
   Intangible assets, net                                                     86,084                    65,254
   Long-term accrued receivables                                              29,174                    27,018
   Investments and notes receivable                                            1,309                     6,146
   Deferred income taxes                                                       3,631                     2,958
   Other                                                                       5,721                     8,632
                                                                        -------------             -------------
          Total assets                                                   $   341,352               $   330,152
                                                                        ============              ============

                                       LIABILITIES AND STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY

   Current liabilities:
      Current portion of long-term debt                                  $    16,699               $    18,396
      Accounts payable                                                        13,045                    16,023
      Accrued employee compensation                                            8,542                     7,472
      Accrued liabilities                                                     24,685                    20,003
      Deferred revenue                                                        42,747                    43,373
                                                                        -------------             -------------
          Total current liabilities                                          105,718                   105,267

   Long-term debt                                                                392                       532
   Long-term deferred revenue                                                 11,394                    13,993
   Other                                                                       1,083                         -
                                                                        -------------             -------------
          Total liabilities                                                  118,587                   119,792
                                                                        -------------             -------------
   Stockholders' equity:
      Class A Common Stock                                                       183                       165
      Additional paid-in capital                                             221,989                   170,946
      Retained earnings                                                       45,563                    85,033
      Treasury stock, at cost                                                (35,258)                  (35,258)
      Accumulated other comprehensive income                                  (9,712)                  (10,526)
                                                                        -------------             -------------
          Total stockholders' equity                                         222,765                   210,360
                                                                        -------------             -------------
          Total liabilities and stockholders' equity                     $   341,352               $   330,152
                                                                        ============              ============

             (unaudited and in thousands, except per share amounts)

                                               Three Months Ended June 30,                 Nine Months Ended June 30,
                                            --------------------------------            -------------------------------
                                                2001                 2000                   2001                2000
                                            -----------         ------------            -----------          ----------
      Software license fees                   $    41,716         $    46,498            $   129,342         $   128,259
      Maintenance fees                             18,387              17,340                 51,772              51,229
      Services                                     13,568              15,064                 43,685              41,920
                                             ------------        ------------           ------------        ------------
          Total revenues                           73,671              78,902                224,799             221,408
                                             ------------        ------------           ------------        ------------
      Cost of software license fees                10,723              11,851                 33,547              33,760
      Cost of maintenance and services             20,311              17,952                 57,033              52,008
      Research and development                     10,854              10,125                 31,645              28,553
      Selling and marketing                        20,483              18,837                 58,425              54,602
      General and administrative                   26,513              16,185                 58,690              45,982
      Amortization of goodwill and
        purchased intangibles                       4,293               2,035                 10,073               5,970
                                             ------------        ------------           ------------        ------------
          Total expenses                           93,177              76,985                249,413             220,875
                                             ------------        ------------           ------------        ------------
   Operating income (loss)                        (19,506)              1,917                (24,614)                533
                                             ------------        ------------           ------------        ------------
   Other income (expense):
      Interest income                               1,725                 985                  3,265               2,649
      Interest expense                               (349)               (178)                (1,717)               (313)
      Other                                          (914)             (1,065)                (1,629)               (933)
      Non-recurring items                          (7,406)                  -                (21,717)                  -
                                             ------------        ------------           ------------        ------------
          Total other income (expense)             (6,944)               (258)               (21,798)              1,403
                                             ------------        ------------           ------------        ------------
   Income (loss) before income taxes              (26,450)              1,659                (46,412)              1,936
   Income tax benefit (provision)                   4,935                (644)                 6,941                (753)
                                             ------------        ------------           ------------        ------------
   Net income (loss)                          $   (21,515)         $    1,015            $   (39,471)         $    1,183
                                             ============        ============           ============        ============

   Earnings per share information:

      Weighted average shares outstanding:
          Basic                                    35,086              31,621                 33,765              31,789
                                             ============        ============           ============        ============

          Diluted                                  35,086              31,875                 33,765              32,201
                                             ============        ============           ============        ============

      Earnings per share:
          Basic                               $     (0.61)         $     0.03            $     (1.17)         $     0.04
                                             ============        ============           ============        ============

          Diluted                             $     (0.61)         $     0.03            $     (1.17)         $     0.04
                                             ============        ============           ============        ============

                  FOR THE QUARTERLY PERIOD ENDED JUNE 30, 2001
             (unaudited and in thousands, except per share amounts)

                                                                  Three Months Ended June 30,
                                                  As                                  and Other
                                               Reported         Amortization           Charges            Pro Forma
                                              ----------       --------------      ---------------       -----------
      Software license fees                   $   41,716         $         -         $         -          $   41,716
      Maintenance fees                            18,387                   -                   -              18,387
      Services                                    13,568                   -                   -              13,568
                                             -----------        ------------        ------------          ----------
          Total revenues                          73,671                   -                   -              73,671
                                             -----------        ------------        ------------          ----------
      Cost of software license fees               10,723              (2,452)                (47)              8,224
      Cost of maintenance and services            20,311                   -              (2,217)             18,094
      Research and development                    10,854                   -                (340)             10,514
      Selling and marketing                       20,483                   -                (245)             20,238
      General and administrative                  26,513                   -             (11,716)             14,797
      Amortization of goodwill and
        purchased intangibles                      4,293              (4,293)                  -                   -
                                             -----------         ------------        -----------          ----------
          Total expenses                          93,177              (6,745)            (14,565)             71,867
                                             -----------         ------------        -----------          ----------
   Operating income (loss)                       (19,506)              6,745              14,565               1,804
                                             -----------         ------------        -----------          ----------
   Other income (expense):
      Interest income                              1,725                   -                (155)              1,570
      Interest expense                              (349)                  -                   -                (349)
      Other                                         (914)                  -                   -                (914)
      Non-recurring items                         (7,406)                  -               7,406                   -
                                             -----------         ------------        -----------          ----------
          Total other income (expense)           (6,944)                   -               7,251                 307
                                             -----------         ------------        -----------          ----------
   Income (loss) before income taxes            (26,450)         $     6,745         $    21,816               2,111
                                                                 ============        ===========
   Income tax benefit (provision)                  4,935                                                        (823) (1)
                                             -----------                                                 -----------
   Net income (loss)                          $  (21,515)                                                 $    1,288
                                             ===========                                                 ===========

   Earnings per share information:

      Weighted average shares outstanding:
          Basic                                   35,086                                                      35,086
                                             ===========                                                 ============

          Diluted                                 35,086                                                      35,086
                                             ===========                                                 ============
      Earnings per share:
          Basic                               $    (0.61)                                                $      0.04
                                             ===========                                                 ============

          Diluted                             $    (0.61)                                                $      0.04
                                             ===========                                                 ============

(1) The above pro forma results of operations were computed using an effective
income tax rate of 39 percent.